Sunday, January 18, 2009

tomorrow begins our second journey into IVF

Excited, scared, worried, hopeful. and more. I want to be positive and happy about this, our try #2. I really do, but at the same time I do not want the wind to be pulled out of my sails, again. I was looking forward to this next "try", all through the holidays. Now that it is here, I am more than a little scared, scared that it won't work. Will I produce more eggs this time? Am I just too darn old? Add too darn fat to that, too. Ladies, babies and gentlemen, do we have a good recipe to cook up this time? Take it slow, mix well, don't forget to add the yeast. er, follistim.

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  1. Hey girl! Congratulations on your brand new blog! And I get to be your first comment.
    I really really hope you get there this time - but I totally get that you are apprehensive - it's so much investment in time and energy and hope to not feel leery about getting all worked up about it and then worry it won't happen!
    I say take it one day at a time, one injection at a time and take lots of deep breath!
    You got three whole eggs last time -and now you have the whole new protocol - so it sounds like you have a good shot at it.
    No you are not too fat!
    I have been researching embie and egg donation this evening and now my head is spinning. I think if I can find another RE I might have one more try in me. Not sure though.
    Never thought I would be in this position - but none of us did, did we?
    Enough about me - keep on blogging - it is a little addictive after a while - and don't worry - just keep writing. Glad I can keep up with you and what is going on:)
    peace and hope be with you - bless you my child - from the mother superior!!! now that's a stream of consciousness for you!